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I love this blog. I love writing this blog. I wish I were doing it now.  I feel even more guilty about my deadline-imposed neglect of the blog considering this:

Top 100 Language Blogs 2010

and this:

Top 10 Language Professionals Blogs 2010

Thank you, my dear readers, for all your support. I am not worthy!

(BrE) Have/(AmE) Take a look at the other blogs on those lists if you'd to find some new languagey diversions.
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where I'm at

The title of this post makes reference to a pet peeve that several (English) readers have wanted me to know about. I'm not going to defend it; I'm just going to use it as I think it means more than 'where I am'.  (Discuss.)

I've not blogged yet this month, and I'm just here to say that I probably won't.  I am so absolutely swamped by things that aren't as fun as blogging but which Must Be Done, and I'm dashing off here and there and everywhere for conferences and meetings.  Expect to see me again, a bit, in June--after the marking lets up a bit and the conferences are out of the way.

In the meantime, I am still tweeting.  I can manage 140 characters on BrE/AmE differences on most days as a distraction from the horror of my early-summer deadlines.
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AmE = American English
BrE = British English
OED = Oxford English Dictionary (online)